Why Wagyu Care Is so Important

Just like humans, cows need a little TLC. At Browsey Acres, we take thorough care of our animals to provide them with the best quality of life possible. Raising Wagyu steers requires attention, dedication, and devotion every single day. A nurturing and loving environment is a huge reason why Browsey Acres Wagyu is the highest quality around.

Keeping Wagyu Steers Clean

Every single day, we spend quality time maintaining our cows. A good brushing session is imperative to cleanliness. This simple process relaxes our big guys and improves their circulation. It also creates an opportunity to form a caring relationship with them. A task as quick and easy as brushing makes a huge difference in our cows’ health.

Happy Cows Come First

When we interact with our steers, the energy of the love we feel for them is present. They enjoy having us around just as much as we enjoy spending time with them. Every moment spent keeping them clean and showing them affection makes them happy, which is our priority. Check out the video above to see how much the Browsey Acres herd loves spending time with Travis Browne.

Above all, we want what is best for our cows. The life they live at Browsey Acres is full and dignified. While our steers ultimately provide us with the highest quality meat on the market, we ensure they have the highest quality of life while they’re with us. When you choose Browsey Acres Wagyu, you know the animal that sustains you was loved and nourished.