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The Browsey Acres model is simple: 1. WE raise. 2. YOU select. 3. WE deliver.

For more information on how we raise our meat, check out Meet the Meat.

Taking care of our herd here on the ranch will always be our top priority. As we raise our Wagyu steers over the next couple of years, we intend to learn and evolve our practices in order to expand our operations responsibility. Because of this, our supply will be limited. Much like our lottery system, we are presenting our auction system as a fair way to offer access to our high-quality Wagyu.

The Process

The auction process is simple:

  • Sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to find out when each auction opens.
  • Once an auction opens, it will remain open for three days and allow you to bid repeatedly.
  • Before bidding, we’ll need your payment information. Having a credit card on file ensures that you intend to pay if you're the highest bidder. We want to keep this auction open for serious bidders only. Don’t worry, your card is only saved for this auction and will no longer be available to us once the auction is over.
  • The highest bidder wins and will receive a congratulatory phone call from Browsey Acres' own Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne. During that call, they will work with the winner to decide the assortment of meat cuts that will be featured in their purchased auction box.
  • The auction winner will be responsible for auction prize shipping.
  • For now, we are only shipping to all 50 U.S. states.
  • Non-winners will still have access to Browsey Acres merch and our single cuts of Wagyu.

Unlike our lottery system, we will be holding our auctions on a sporadic basis, so it’s important to sign up for our emails, follow us on social media, and stay tuned. But don’t worry, we know waiting is tough, so we’ll be releasing single cuts of Wagyu that you can purchase from the site on a first-come-first-serve basis. Be sure to check your email frequently, as you’ll want to know the moment you’re able to access our delicious, one-of-a-kind Fullblood Wagyu.

Our Past Auctions

As noted, the winner will even have a chance to work with us personally to customize the assortment of meat cuts in their purchased box. Don’t worry, if you don’t know where to begin, you can check out the many different Wagyu cuts we offer at Browsey Acres here and here.

The Cuts

New York Strip Steak

The below is an example of the array of cuts you may receive if you win a Browsey Acres auction.
More details will be released with each auction.

Tomahawk Steak

A Wagyu tomahawk steak may be the most prized cut of all. Essentially a ribeye beef steak, the tomahawk steak is cut specifically to have at least five inches of rib bone intact. This leaves an extra-long, French-style trimmed bone that resembles a rack of lamb. French-style or “Frenching” is a butcher trim that leaves the bone looking like a perfectly shaped handle. The extra care and attention to cutting and trimming fat makes the tomahawk steak the gem of the culinary world. It also makes it one of the most expensive cuts of meat.

Read more about Wagyu tomahawk steak here.

New York Strip Steak (pictured above)

The New York Strip steak comes from the short loin subprimal, which is also part of the loin primal. The cow’s loin primal is the main source of quite a few coveted steak cuts, including the filet mignon. The New York Strip steak is one of the most popular cuts sold in restaurants and steakhouses for its hearty appearance and bold beef flavor. In fact, this cut’s huge popularity in New York City steakhouses is what gave it its name.

Read more about Wagyu New York Strip steak here.


The brisket comes from the breast or lower chest of the cow. It’s one of the nine primal cuts and includes the pectoral muscles. Cows do not have collar bones, so their pec muscles support about 60% of their body weight. For that reason, the brisket has a large amount of connective tissue. But when cooked correctly, brisket meat is exceptionally tender and flavorful.

Read more about Wagyu brisket here and here.


Delivery Details

All of our Browsey Acres Wagyu beef is shipped frozen in dry ice and can be thawed and frozen again up to three times without affecting the quality and taste of the meat.

To maintain quality and taste of the meat, the technique for thawing matters. If you use warm water to thaw the meat, that will affect the taste if you choose to refreeze it. You can read more about how to properly handle frozen Wagyu here.

For now, we are only shipping to all 50 U.S. states.