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Frequently Asked Questions



Our Fullblood Wagyu cattle come directly from Sustainable Natural Foods. This ranch provides some of the best Wagyu genetics in the country. On Browsey Acres, the animals are raised in a stress-free environment with individualized care. Every negative experience translates to the meat. So at Browsey Acres, we eliminate those negative experiences. Our cows are loved and cared for in ways that commercially raised cattle will never get to know. Browsey Acres Wagyu is not only special because of our cows but because of the intention behind our meat. Our animals give us so much, and we want to make sure they enjoy every moment on this Earth they get to spend with us.


Depending on availability, we do have individual Wagyu cuts that you can purchase separately. We also offer a full line of wearable Browsey Acres merchandise. But as far as our tiered Wagyu beef boxes, you’ll have to be a lucky lottery winner to gain subscription access for those.

Can I choose what comes in my box?

No. In order to ensure we can include all the best cuts in each box, we do need to make the selection process for you. But don’t worry, each box comes packed with a variety of Wagyu cuts. You can read more about our Wagyu beef box tier system here. At Browsey Acres, part of our sustainable practices includes learning new ways to utilize every part of the animal, which means we will be introducing new products as they become available.

What cuts do you offer?

The specific cuts offered in our tiered Wagyu beef boxes are laid out here. We also offer individual cuts separately that you can browse through here. For more details on different Wagyu cuts, check out our blog!

Is Browsey Acres Wagyu USDA certified?

Yes. All Browsey Acres Wagyu is sourced from Sustainable Natural Foods, which is USDA certified.

Is the BROWSEY ACRES box meat frozen?

We send our meat products frozen with packs of ice/dry ice to ensure it stays frozen for the 1-2 days of delivery. Read more about the frozen Wagyu beef process here.

Do you use every part of the animal?

We are dedicated to using as much of each animal as possible. We are constantly collaborating and learning from experts on how to do this responsibly. So as we offer new products, we will let you know more! In the meantime, check out our product section to see what’s available.

Why subscribe?

When you subscribe to Browsey Acres, you are supporting the idea of a world where your meat comes from a happy, loving place and you get to taste that in the final product. You don’t have to eliminate animal products from your diet to contribute to eating responsibly and sustainably. By supporting Browsey Acres, you’re making ethical choices about eating meat in a way that contributes to our hope of opening minds to the awareness of where their food comes from.


Do you ship internationally? / Where do you ship to?

For now, we are only shipping to all 50 U.S. states.

Can I use a business address for delivery?

We offer delivery to places of business, but it is advised that you assure the meat will be picked up before the 6-hour limit or the meat may defrost prematurely. If you are a restaurant interested in offering Browsey Acres Wagyu to your customers, please email us at support@browseyacres.com.

Does someone need to be home to accept the box?

No, but it is highly recommended to bring the box in within 6 hours regardless of the weather. Couriers should have access to take the package straight to your doorstep.

What do I do with the box once it arrives?

When your box arrives, carefully unpack the contents and place your meat cuts in the freezer. If you’re ready to cook a specific cut, thaw it right out of the container. You can read more about frozen Wagyu handling here.

Do you offer discounts or promo codes?

At this time, we cannot offer discounts on our meat products. Check back or subscribe for more updates as our journey progresses.


Browsey Acres Wagyu meat delivery should take 1-2 business days.

What do I do if something is wrong with my order?

If you are not satisfied or have a concern with your order please contact us at support@browseyacres.com.

What is your return and refund policy on meat products and shipping?

There are no returns on meat products of course, but if you are for any reason dissatisfied with your service please contact us at support@browseyacres.com so we may offer solutions.

When can I expect my refund?

If you are granted a refund, you should expect to see it reflected on your account or statement within 4-7 business days.


How are the cattle treated?

At Browsey Acres, our mission is to source and raise these cattle in the least stressful, most humane way possible. Wagyu cattle require a stress-free environment for successful marbling. Even if that was not a necessity for the quality of the final product, we love these animals from start to finish. This means every single part of the process is handled with extreme care. From transportation to harvest, we want these cows to know they’re loved. These animals are not just a part of the ranch family but they’re also an integral component in living the sustainable lifestyle we are after.

How long do the cattle live on the farm?

Wagyu cattle are recommended to be harvested at around 28-32 months old, with 36 months being the sweet spot. So from the moment they arrive as calves until harvest, these cattle live their best life.

How many cattle reside on Browsey Acres?

The size of our herd is growing by the year! We started with our first steer Kobe and now have several more. Our exact number is constantly growing, so check our website and Instagram for updates on the Browsey Acres herd!

Do you eventually harvest all your cattle?

Our matriarch Myrtle will always be around to carry on our superior Wagyu genetics. The rest of our herd are raised with the intention of harvest.


What is your return policy on BrowseY Acres merch?

We offer a 30-day return policy on all merchandise, as long as the item is in brand new condition (unworn, unwashed, and unaltered). If your order arrives damaged, incorrect, or is missing items please provide photos of the issue and we will provide a prepaid return label via email.

We are unable to accept exchanges. If you wish to exchange your item for a different size, color, etc., simply return the item and place a new order for the item you wish to receive. This will ensure the most timely and accurate delivery of your items.

Please include the merchandise, packing slip, and a note explaining the return. Failure to include a packing slip or order number may delay processing of your return.

Once we receive the returned item(s), we will refund you the cost of the item(s) within about one week from when the item is delivered to us. The original shipping cost will not be refunded unless the product is damaged, incorrect, or incomplete at the fault of the company.

See the store's Terms of Service for more information or contact us to discuss any further resolutions at support@browseyacres.com.

When can I expect my refund?

Your refund should be reflected in your account or statement within 7 business days.

How can I track my order?

When you order a Browsey Acres merch item you will receive an email with your tracking number and order details.

Where’s my order?

Merchandise delivery should take 1-5 business days (Standard Ground Shipping) or 1-3 business days (Express Shipping). We apologize for any delays or issues that may occur related to Covid-19 impacts and limitations. We will do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible with everyone’s safety and health in mind.


From delivery to taste, Browsey Acres wants the best experience for you. If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us.

Email: support@browseyacres.com

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