Wagyu 101: How to Pan Sear Filet Mignon to Absolute Perfection

Filet mignon is one of the most well-known cuts of steak and for good reason. It’s incredibly tender, and the flavor is mild enough to appeal to meat-eaters of every preference.

Of course, the highest quality cut is a Wagyu filet, and it’s not difficult to master at home. No grill? No problem! This steak is best prepared medium-rare in a cast iron pan. And since the flavor isn’t as strong as other cuts, you can even pair it with a bolder sauce.

Prep Your Meat

A Browsey Acres Wagyu filet has very little fat, therefore less flavor than more robust cuts of meat. So you can season your cut generously or not at all, depending on what you like—there is room for experimenting here. A wrap of bacon can add a little excitement to your filet.

To the Pan

Take a little bit of oil and coat the pan as it heats on medium-high heat. Once it’s hot, you’re ready to tackle your filet. Begin cooking fat side down to grease the pan a bit more. Since the filet isn’t super fatty, you don’t need to cook it for too long. Sprinkle just a tiny bit of salt onto the Wagyu steak, but don’t overdo it.

Pay careful attention to how long you cook it. You will likely leave it on for less time than expected, and that’s the key to making it just right. Do the finger test to make sure you’ve cooked it to your desired temperature. We recommend medium-rare for maximum flavor.

Slicing Filet Mignon

For a high-quality steak like filet mignon, you should always use the sharpest knife you can find and cut against the grain. After letting it rest for 5 minutes, slice your filet into pieces of your desired thickness. Since our Browsey Acres Wagyu filet mignon is so elegant, this makes for the perfect meal at any holiday gathering or special event.

No matter the occasion, when you know how to finesse the filet, you’re in for one savory steak.