What Makes Our Wagyu Different?

At Browsey Acres, the treatment and care put into raising Wagyu cattle are much different from that of the average commercial farm. Though Browsey Acres is expanding more every year, the ranch operation is and will remain small enough for our cattle to have the highest quality of life. People care for each individual cow around the clock, treating them with love, respect, and dignity. All of the individualized care our cattle receive also allows us to check on their health and hygiene; we keep close tabs on each cow and always will, no matter how much we grow as a team and company.

Love From Start to Finish

At Browsey Acres, our mission is to source and raise these cows in the least stressful, most humane way possible. This mission is not only for the cattle’s quality of life but also the quality of the final product. Wagyu meat is one of the rarest, highest-grade kinds of beef around when it comes to its texture and taste. But the star factor in any cut of Sustainable Natural Foods or Browsey Acres Wagyu is its marbling, the streaks of fat throughout the meat which make it juicier and more tender than any of its counterparts.

Wagyu cattle require a stress-free environment for successful marbling, but even if that wasn’t a requirement, we would still love these animals from start to finish. This means every single part of the process is handled with extreme care. From transportation to harvest, we want these cows to know they’re loved. Because these animals are not just a part of the ranch family, they’re also an integral component in the sustainable example we aim to set moving forward.

Emotional Responsibility

The most important lesson Travis and Ronda have learned from the Spitsbergen family—and the driving force behind Browsey Acres’ mission—is that of taking emotional responsibility for your food and where it comes from. This dedication separates our Wagyu from all the other choices out there, as not only does it give our meat a superior taste, it gives our consumers something to feel good about.

There are a lot of other options for beef out there, but by choosing us, you’re not supporting the factory farming machine: You’re supporting the ethical, loving treatment of animals using sustainable practices that will always set us apart.