How It All Started: Kobe

Several years ago, Travis Browne started to ask around about the process of raising and harvesting a cow. When he saw that there was potential for expanding Browsey Acres, he researched what breed of cow was considered the best for its meat. This inevitably led him to Wagyu, the world’s most coveted beef. Travis contacted Mark Spitsbergen, a farmer based in Oregon. Mark helped Travis figure out the process of raising and harvesting Wagyu cattle years ago, and it all began with a steer named Kobe.

Kobe was not only the beloved steer’s name: His Wagyu breed was also named after the city capital in Hyogo, Kobe, the origin point of all Kobe cattle.

Kobe the steer is the origin point of Browsey Acres. He was Ronda and Travis' first Wagyu steer and the reason that all of this now exists. Kobe spent his years on Browsey Acres, drinking beer, roaming free, and playing with the goats. He’d give Ronda and Travis nudges to get pets and scratches. Kobe will always be adored, as he wasn’t just meat—he was family. But early in the summer of 2019, Ronda and Travis had to contend with the fact that it was almost time to harvest Kobe.

However, it was because of that intimacy that they knew they were doing the right thing.

Kobe lived a happy and peaceful life until his last moments spent with Ronda and Travis. The experience of loving Kobe and his sacrifice for their family is what inspired them to share this gift—the gift that Browsey Acres has given them—with the world.