Wagyu 101: How To Make an Epic Beef Tallow

Beef tallow is rendered beef fat that is melted down and stored for cooking purposes. Regular tallow from cows, like Angus, have some health benefits that beat alternative cooking fats, but Wagyu fat takes beef tallow to the next level.

In general, beef tallow is said to promote fat-burning and radiant skin. It can also help your body absorb more vitamin A, D, E, and K and boost immune systems. These health properties are only amplified in Wagyu beef tallow. Any grade of Wagyu will make an unstoppable tallow, but of course, A5 Wagyu will produce the best possible results.

Since Wagyu beef contains special fats that produce health benefits, naturally, Wagyu beef tallow is packed with those same heart-healthy oleic acids, vitamins, and many more inherent health bonuses. The oleic acid provides anti-inflammatory properties and the Wagyu fat lowers bad cholesterol while protecting the good kind. It’s even keto-safe.

Making beef tallow is fairly simple. 1 or 2 A5 Wagyu steaks, depending on the size of your cut, should have enough fat to render a ¼ to ½ cup of tallow. If this is around the portion you’re working with then follow the guidelines below. If there isn’t enough trimmed fat, store what you have in a container safe for the freezer until you’re ready.

  • Carefully cut the pure fat from the outside of the Wagyu steak before cooking.
  • Next, chop that fat into small pieces.
  • Place all of the fat in a dry cast iron or stainless steel pan.
  • One of the unique qualities of Wagyu beef is that its fat has a low melting point—so low that a person’s body heat can melt it. So when you move to the stove, in order to render the fat without it burning, set it to the lowest heat setting possible.
  • Wait 30 to 40 minutes until it becomes liquid.
  • Once you have clear, melted fat, carefully pour the liquid into a cup and discard any unrendered bits of fat.
  • Tip: The best containers to use for beef tallow are glass, ceramic, or metal jars. Plastic containers may melt from the fat’s heat.
  • After screwing a lid on the jar, your epic Wagyu beef tallow can be stored on a kitchen shelf—no refrigeration needed—and used for countless different recipes.

Use your tallow to add some extra flavor to small dishes like eggs or practically anything else you want. Though beef tallow is most commonly used as a cooking oil, it’s also used for making soap, candles, healing salves or skin balms, and lubricants for wood, leather, and metal industries. This versatile tallow is not something you want to waste when cooking a delicious Wagyu steak.