How It All Started: Who Is Daniel Spitsbergen?

Daniel Spitsbergen, part-owner and operator of Sustainable Natural Foods, has been in agriculture his whole life. Daniel has worked full-time with cattle since 2009, but 2011 is when he really got into Wagyu. Based on decades-old Wagyu genetics originating directly from Japan, the Spitsbergen ranch has cultivated a growing supply of sustainably, humanely-raised cattle. Daniel got into the Wagyu business early on in the movement and he’s not going anywhere.

In Travis Browne’s words, ”Daniel is the perfect example of the smaller rancher that needed the opportunity to bring quality on a bigger scale. And that is a big reason why we partnered with him.” Daniel has been and continues to be the Wagyu source in America for smaller farms. He knows this world of Wagyu beef inside. So it’s no surprise that he helped Ronda and Travis figure out the business aspect of raising and harvesting Wagyu steers. Along the way of building Browsey Acres into what it is today, Ronda and Travis knew that they wanted to collaborate with Daniel in order to reach their shared mission of growing sustainable farming into larger production.

In partnering with Daniel, Ronda and Travis have decided to increase their meat production organically and gradually. Developing a truly sustainable ranch takes time, but Daniel’s knowledge of the Wagyu world, combined with Travis and Ronda’s new perspective coming into this business, will speed up both the progress and impact they will make in this industry. They see how the pandemic has affected farming. They see the opportunity to bring light during this time by giving these animals the love and attention they deserve on a daily basis while still providing quality beef. Daniel Spitsbergen played and continues to play an essential role in making that possible.

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