Can You Cook a Wagyu Roast in the Crockpot?

To answer the question, yes, you can cook a Wagyu roast in the crockpot. The tasty possibilities abound, but which Browsey Acres roasts are best for your next slow-cooked endeavor? We’re here to guide you to the best Wagyu crockpot sensations.

Chuck Roast

Our chuck roast comes most highly recommended on the list of crockpot cuts. This rich Wagyu roast is bursting with juicy flavor, and the slow cook process highlights that quality. Though most famously used in pot roasts, you could substitute this slow-cooked meat for the main act of our traditional Irish beef stew recipe. A tender Wagyu chuck roast is sure to melt in your mouth any way you prepare it.

Eye of Round

While the Eye of Round is leaner than a chuck roast, a slow cook intensifies the flavor and gives it all the juicy goodness of a fattier cut. Set this Wagyu cut in the crockpot to create a full-flavored roast that’s sure to impress at the next holiday gathering. You can even thinly slice it into lunch meat perfect for a delectable sandwich or salad.

Rump Roast

Since our rump roast is a muscular cut, slow cooking is the only way to do it justice. A long stew in the crockpot is just what you want to do to reach its tender and robust potential. Don’t skimp on the time here–cooking rump roast quickly will only result in a tough meal. Our choice Wagyu rump roast gives you more leeway with the time, though. You can also shave it into mouthwatering slices that pair great with a hearty meal of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Crockpot roasts are convenient and almost always result in culinary success. Whatever Wagyu roast you choose, you’ll be sure to make a savory and heartwarming crockpot meal out of our Browsey Acres Wagyu.