What Are Wagyu Beef Short Ribs?

Our Wagyu short ribs come from the brisket, chuck, plate, or rib areas of the animal. In presentation and flavor, short ribs make for a fantastic meal. You can dress them up or down, serve them over a plate of decadent nachos or create an elegant masterpiece. The best part about these delicious ribs is that you can create so many vastly different dishes. They’ll all have incredible flavor in common.

The Cooking Process

Since Wagyu short ribs have more connective tissue than other cuts, they typically need to cook for a long time. Longer cook times, however, give more opportunity for flavor. Try going for a lengthy smoke in the grill after marinating your Wagyu overnight. Or even toss some vegetables into the pressure cooker for a delicious, savory short rib stew. Braised short ribs–cooked in wine or broth–are one of the most popular variations of the dish.

Eclectic Styles for Your Wagyu Short Ribs

You’ve probably heard of Korean short ribs. This popular style calls for marinated Wagyu–separated from the bone–in soy sauce before grilling. Served next to a bed of steamed vegetables, this Korean rendition doesn’t miss. The Maui style is similar, with the addition of brown sugar and ginger for those traditional Hawaiian flavors. If barbecue is your thing, Wagyu short ribs will surely be the most mind-blowing complement to your favorite smoky sauces and summery side dishes.

Short ribs are a crowd-pleaser, and they’re out of this world when you choose Browsey Acres Wagyu. Try them in all the popular styles around the world. When you take the time to slow cook these flavorful ribs, you’ll want to use them in every beef dish you ever make.