Wagyu 101: How to Cook Wagyu Beef Short Ribs

Our Wagyu short ribs have some of the best flavor in the Wagyu world. Since short ribs have a lot of connective tissue, they require longer cook times or very specific preparation. However, lengthy cook times present an opportunity for more flavor. With so many options for marinades, stews, and grilling masterpieces, there is no shortage of short rib experiences to be had.

Take Your Time in the Slow Cooker

If you want to fill your house with mouth-watering smells, the slow cooker method is the way to go. Start by searing your Browsey Acres Wagyu short ribs, bone-in or boneless, on all sides in a hot pan. Add whatever you’d like to your slow cooker. We recommend onions, other tasty vegetables, and a hearty beef broth. Add some zesty herbs like rosemary or thyme, too, if you’d like. Toss the short ribs into the mix and let that cook for eight hours on low. The tenderness of the meat and the boldness of the infused flavors will take you on a Wagyu journey.

Oven Braise Those Babies

Chances are you’ve seen braised short ribs on a menu somewhere. This dish is popular for a reason—braised beef is comforting and simply delicious. Similar to the slow cooker, brown your Wagyu short ribs in a pan before adding them to a crock pot full of your favorite vegetables and broth. Then let it cook “slow and low” for eight hours. This dish is great if you have a busy lifestyle because you can go about your day and then come home to a braised beauty.

Grilled Short Ribs

The quickest of our cooking suggestions, grilling Wagyu short ribs is an easy and relatively fast process. If you have a charcoal grill, fire it up (a regular grill works fine, too). Let it preheat for about 10 minutes. Salt and pepper your Browsey Acres Wagyu short ribs, then add them to the grill. Char them on all sides until they reach medium-rare or medium doneness. Use the finger test for clarity. Those temperatures will allow the Wagyu to be juicy, not tough with connective tissue. Add barbecue sauce if you’d like.

With so many options for preparing and cooking your Wagyu short ribs, the tasty possibilities are seemingly endless. Whatever cooking style you choose, you’re in for a delectable meal with this gorgeous cut of beef.