Which is the Better Method to Cook Your Wagyu Beef Brisket: Crockpot or Smoker?

To use a crockpot or a smoker? That is the question. Both methods result in fantastic Wagyu brisket creations, but which is the better option for you? A crockpot will give you a fattier, juicier meal full of bold flavors. A smoker will give you that smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with a buttered roll and killer barbecue sauce. Either way, you’re going to have one delicious Wagyu meal.

Consider the Crockpot

Crockpots are a marvelous invention. When you’re busy with day-to-day chores like going to work, picking up the kids, or running errands, crockpots solve a lot of problems. Toss your favorite vegetables into a savory broth with a hunk of savory Wagyu brisket in the morning; come home to a mouthwatering stew in the evening. If you like bold flavors and juicy sauce, this is the way to build your brisket.

Smoker Pros and Cons

A professionally smoked brisket (pictured above) is almost unparalleled on the list of best barbecue meats. However, room for error makes this option a bit difficult for a novice. If you let the brisket smoke too long, it could turn out dry and tough. Make sure you keep a close eye on timing when you prepare this one. The result of a perfectly timed, smoked brisket indeed makes for a glorious cut of Wagyu.

When it comes down to it, the answer to crockpot or smoker relies on your personal preference. If you like the smoky taste of a slow-grilled Wagyu brisket, you know which way to go. And if you prefer the infused richness of an all-day, slow-cooked crockpot brisket, go for that. We say you should try both because you can’t lose either way. And when you use a Browsey Acres Wagyu brisket, you’re definitely a winner.