Browsey Acres and Sustainable Natural Foods: Our Shared Mission

The driving mission behind both Browsey Acres and Sustainable Natural Foods is to give people an ethical, sustainable choice when it comes to their meat consumption. We fully believe that you can continue to eat meat while making the best choices for your family, for the animals, and ultimately, for the planet. It all began with Kobe, and we continue to find ways to expand on this concept.

Browsey Acres: Emotional Responsibility

When Travis and Ronda started Browsey Acres, the driving force was a desire to take emotional responsibility for where their food came from. What does this mean? Well, if they wanted to feed their children beef, they felt they should be showing them the ethical way to do so.

When you purchase commercial meat from a grocery store, there’s a disconnect there. You don’t have to think about how the animal was treated, what it was fed, if it was healthy, or how it was harvested. All you know is that there’s a burger on your plate. Travis and Ronda no longer wanted to support factory farming with their dollars, so they took emotional responsibility for their food and got involved in the process.

Sustainable Natural Foods: Family to Family

As with most great ideas, the mission and purpose of Sustainable Natural Foods started at home. The Spitsbergens’ 2,100-acre ranch all started with a desire to ethically raise animals—free of antibiotics and hormones—to provide the best possible food for their family. This beautiful family-owned property is full of green pastures, fresh water, and the prime environment to raise happy and healthy cows.

The Spitsbergen family motto is to be “good stewards of the land,” and with that comes the responsibility to care for the creatures that live off that land. Yes, the Wagyu steers are harvested for their meat; but every moment of their lives, they are treated with dignity and respect.

Together: From Our Family to Yours

When embarking on the adventure of Browsey Acres, Travis and Ronda knew they had found a kindred spirit in Sustainable Natural Foods. Although finding the highest quality Wagyu beef was a priority, finding a source that shared their vision was a must. The partnership was easy and genuine, and Browsey Acres continues to grow using Sustainable Natural Foods as their true North.

With both Browsey Acres and Sustainable Foods the mission is clear: Our family values go into feeding your family.