Showing off Our Browsey Acres New York Strip

New York Strip steak is a classic cut of meat. So classic, in fact, that you’ll find it on the menus of steakhouses all across the country. But have you ever had a Browsey Acres Wagyu New York Strip steak? While you’ll still experience that notorious bite all New York Strips are known for, there’s a marbled tenderness you won’t experience anywhere else.

What Makes Wagyu New York Strip Steak Different?

A New York Strip steak is cut from the short loin subprimal, part of the loin primal. The primal area of a Wagyu steer is home to many of the coveted Wagyu steaks. While a Wagyu New York Strip may not be as tender as a filet mignon—which is also from the primal—it definitely matches its popularity.

A New York strip steak is full of rich, bold beef flavor and a full, mouthy bite. It’s the exact cut of meat that comes to mind when one imagines a classic steak and potato meal. Now, a Wagyu New York strip has all of that and more. The rich marbled fat that Browsey Acres Wagyu is known for gives a New York Strip a bit more flare than its commercial counterpart. You’ll have a bit more of a tender bite, but still have that distinctive chew that one looks for in a New York Strip steak.

How Do You Cook a Wagyu New York Strip Steak?

Our number one preferred method for Wagyu steak will always be grilling. Grilling a New York Strip steak gives it that mouthwatering crust that adds to its beefy texture. Using this cooking method also helps bring out maximum flavor.

For any Wagyu steak, always aim for medium-rare for the best flavor, texture, and bite. However, if you’re one of those people that likes less pink on their steak, Browsey Acres Wagyu will still maintain its tenderness, even when cooked to medium. If you’re unsure how to tell when your steak is ready, try our finger test method. And don’t forget to slice against the grain!

No matter how you cook it, a Browsey Acres Wagyu New York Strip steak will be the best you’ve ever tried.