Wagyu 101: Grilling New York Strip Steak for Maximum Flavor

New York Strip steak is bold, and we like bold. It’s no wonder why this is such a popular seller in steakhouses around the world. That crispy outside, that juicy inside—it’s pure perfection. And Browsey Acres Wagyu New York Strip steak is quality to the max. Since NY Strip is so flavorful on its own, you can do away with frivolous spices.

Prep Your Meat

Think you need a mountain of seasoning to maximize flavor in your New York Strip steak? Think again. All you need here is a little bit of olive oil and salt on each side of the cut. When you’re cooking with Browsey Acres Wagyu New York Strip, less is more.

Grilling Your NY Strip

Grilling this cut of Wagyu beef is a painless process. When your grill reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to get cooking. Carefully place your steak on the grill and set your timer for 2 minutes. Then, flip the steak and leave it for another 2 minutes.

You can play this timing by ear depending on the strength of your grill. Here at Browsey Acres, we shoot for medium-rare. Give your New York Strip a poke with the finger test to ensure you’re where you need to be. When you’re happy with the doneness, you’re ready to remove it from the grill.

Moving to the Pan

You’re in the cooking home stretch. Take your Wagyu steak to the pan and hold it fat side down to give the surface some grease. Then sear it on both sides until you get a nice crisp–no more than 1 or 2 minutes. That slight char is going to add a delicious texture.

Slicing Your NY Strip

Let your New York Strip rest for 5 minutes, then get to slicing. As always, use the sharpest knife you can find and cut against the grain. Notice how beautifully that two-part cooking process allowed the meat to have that savory crust on the outside and that perfect juiciness on the inside.

Now that’s a steak! Our Wagyu New York Strip is like no other cut of meat you’ve ever had.