What Does “Farm to Fork” Mean?

You’ve probably heard this term before. “Farm to fork” sounds pretty straightforward. But there is a massive amount of hard work and devotion that goes into making this concept a reality. At Browsey Acres, it's what inspired Travis and Ronda to start the ranch. Farm to fork is about sustainability, health, and a whole lot of passion for our mission.

Taking Responsibility for Your Food

Emotional responsibility is a driving force at Browsey Acres. By being emotionally responsible, we ensure that our cows live full, dignified lives before they provide us with an incredible gift. They have thoughts and feelings just as we do, and their lives are precious to us. By choosing Browsey Acres Wagyu, you’re choosing to take responsibility for where your beef is raised. You are part of the sustainable life we lead.

Raising Wagyu Beef

We understand that not everyone can raise their own meat. That’s why Browsey Acres means so much to us. Our Wagyu is special because it provides you with high-quality beef while providing us with a high-quality lifestyle on the ranch. We give our steers love from start to finish because happy cows taste better.

Ronda and Travis started Browsey Acres in 2017 with the mission to provide top-notch care and treatment to their animals, every single day. Our Wagyu steers are appreciated in life and afterward.

To the Fork

After raising the cows, loving them, and finally saying goodbye, you get to experience what Browsey Acres is proud of. The Wagyu journey on our ranch is not complicated, but genuine care is part of every step in the process. That’s why our Fullblood Wagyu is so incredible. When you finally cook that tender cut of Browsey Acres Wagyu, you’ll see what we mean. As you take a bite of any one of our Wagyu cuts, you’ll taste the love.

At Browsey Acres, our passion for our craft is evident every step of the way—from farm, to fork, and everything in between.