Wagyu Beef Heart and How to Prepare It

Here at Browsey Acres, we believe in using every part of our Wagyu steers. That includes one of the most underrated beef products there is: the heart.

Wagyu beef heart is one of the most nourishing organ meats you can prepare. The heart is rich in iron and zinc, and it’s also packed with necessary vitamins. In fact, B vitamins found in beef heart help strengthen your own heart with cardioprotective effects.

Who knew you could reap so many health benefits from a delicious meal? We did, and we’ll tell you how to make the most of this incredible piece of Browsey Acres Wagyu.

Beef Heart Skewers

One of the more popular Wagyu beef heart recipes, skewers are great for a casual barbeque dinner or an elevated date night setting.

Start by cutting the heart into bite-sized chunks, then sprinkle them with a bit of salt and pepper. Since this cut is rich, you don’t need to go heavy on the seasoning. Add alternating pieces of heart, onion, mushroom, or whatever other vegetables you enjoy. You can soak them in your favorite marinade for an hour before tossing them on the grill if desired. Finally, let your Browsey Acres Wagyu heart skewers cook on the grill for about 2-4 minutes on each side. (Tip: Soak skewers in ice water before cooking to avoid burning them on the grill.)

Wagyu Beef Heart Stew

This is a classic style for a chilly holiday season. You can slow-cook your beef heart in a pressure cooker if you have one. Or slice your Wagyu into 1-inch cubes, brown on all sides, simmer in flour, beef stock, and wine reduction, then finally bake for 2 hours.

Substitute our Browsey Acres Wagyu heart for whatever meat your stew recipe calls for, like our Traditional Irish Stew recipe. You’ll be sure to whip up a heartwarming, slow-cooked meal.

Stuffed Beef Heart

This is the most creative of our Browsey Acres Wagyu beef heart recipe suggestions because you can stuff the cut with anything you like. Try a bacon, onion, and mushroom stuffing for savory flavors that can warm any heart (pun intended). Or take a slightly healthier route with a spinach and artichoke mixture. Heat your oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’ve made your stuffing, spread it over the lean side of the cut, then roll it up with butcher’s twine. Sear the whole thing on all sides on high heat until crispy brown, then bake for 15 minutes per pound. Let sit for 15 minutes before slicing, then enjoy a Wagyu meal that’s absolutely bursting with flavor.

You can’t go wrong with any one of these Browsey Acres Wagyu beef heart preparations. This lean cut is surprisingly tender, and it doesn’t take much seasoning to bring out the richness of its flavors. However you cook your beef heart, we’re sure it’ll make your heart happy.