Browsey Acres Customer Service is the Best You’ll Ever Find

When you think of customer service, you might cringe or roll your eyes. The stereotypical idea of robotic workers answering phones with monotone voices and mundane attitudes is a reality at some companies. Not at Browsey Acres. Here we prioritize every customer’s needs, and we exceed expectations when possible. We make it personal.

Feedback for Travis

Travis Browne takes our beef seriously. He makes a point to personally reach out to fellow Wagyu lovers after delivering orders of our one-of-a-kind meat. Asking for feedback is so important to understand what customers want and need. Our mission is to improve the Browsey Acres experience by listening and taking every critique seriously. That look on Travis’ face when someone tells him our Wagyu steak blew them away? Pure joy. It’s all worth it to us to hear about your happiness with our product.

Fan Favorites

In this video (also seen above), a customer tells Travis about his recent attempt at preparing our Tomahawk steak. As an inexperienced cook, the process turned out far less daunting than expected. Our new friend told Travis, “It was amazing. One of the best cuts of meat I’ve ever had.” How exciting is that? That’s why we do what we do. Browsey Acres’ quality is unmatched, and we aim to keep it that way. With stellar products comes stellar customer service, because we care every step of the way.

Tell Us How You Feel

In case you couldn’t tell, we want you to be happy with our Browsey Acres Wagyu. Ronda and Travis love this company, and we want you to feel that love in every cut of Wagyu beef. You, the customer, are so important to us. Your opinion matters, so please let us know what you think when you get your hands on a box of Browsey Acres Wagyu by leaving us a review on the site, Facebook, or Instagram. We’ll keep up the hard work in the meantime.