Brews and Wagyu: What Beers Pair Best With Browsey Acres Wagyu?

Not a wine drinker? That’s fine by us. Have your Browsey Acres Wagyu with a brew. While most people suggest wine as the perfect partner to juicy, marbled beef, we think an ice-cold beer will do, too. We’re here to tell you which beverage pairs best with which cuts of meat. So grab yourself a pint and let’s get cooking!

Dark Beers

Stouts – Now this is one bold beer. Stouts can be chocolatey, roasty, and even smokey. That smokiness is what you want in your steak, too. We highly recommend our smoked brisket. The fruity tones in our steak medallions with mushrooms and cherry sauce recipe would also taste amazing with a hefty stout.

Porters – This rich beer has range. Porters can be light-bodied with around 5% ABV all the way to upwards of 10% ABV with a viscous texture. You can try porters with any kind of Wagyu steak, but we think they pair best with a burger. Try a pint with our aioli and caramelized onion beef sliders.

Light Beers

Light Lagers – A light beer goes great with a light steak. Since light lagers have less alcohol than heavy stouts and are far less bitter than pale ales, they don’t aggressively cut through the flavor of the meat. That’s why our delicious filet mignon would pair well with a pint of light lager.

Pale Ales – This is a dry beer with a typically bitter aftertaste, so it pairs great with a juicy Wagyu steak. Remember, similar strengths make for the best combinations of food and drinks. We recommend sipping on this with a heaping plate of our gourmet short ribs or grilled flank steak.

IPAs – Now, this isn’t quite the same as a pale ale, so it gets its own category. IPAs are the most bitter and hoppy beers, so you want to pair them with something that creates balance. Since this beer is so strong, you don’t want to overload your tastebuds and wind up with a confused palette. An IPA would work wonders with a fatty Wagyu ribeye.

Convinced that beer is just as worthy as wine beside a beautiful cut of Wagyu? So are we! There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold sip as you slice your way through a succulent Wagyu steak. Remember to support your local breweries once you decide what you need.