Wagyu Teres Major, An Underrated Steak

Teres Major is also known as the shoulder tender, mock tender, or petite tender. It’s a versatile cut of meat because it’s not too fatty and not too lean—it can be prepared in a myriad of ways. Perfectly tender and juicy, Browsey Acres Wagyu Teres Major requires little seasoning to bring out the best of its flavors.

More About Teres Major

Wagyu Teres Major comes from the chuck or shoulder section. After the tenderloin, it’s considered the most tender cut of beef. Though it’s similar to filet mignon, it’s relatively unknown. The butcher needs a high level of skill to extract this muscle from the rest of the shoulder. At Browsey Acres, we have the know-how to do just that.

How to Prepare It

Teres Major is ideal when grilled, roasted, or pan-roasted. Try it with a slow sear to cook the meat, then switch to a fast sear to get that glorious crust. Season it any way you like, but it’s delicious with just a bit of salt. You can even substitute tri-tip for Teres Major in our signature pan-seared steak and sauteed mushrooms and creamed spinach recipe. With such rich flavor and succulent texture, this little-known Wagyu cut truly is a treat.

Teres Major makes for a memorable meal no matter how you prepare it. Tender and juicy, it’s a crowd-pleaser on its own or accompanied by other richly flavored sides. Make it for a special occasion or surprise the family on any given weeknight with this flavorful cut of Browsey Acres Wagyu.