A Wagyu tomahawk steak may be the most prized cut of all. Essentially a ribeye beef steak, the Tomahawk steak is cut specifically to have at least five inches of rib bone intact. This leaves an extra-long, French-style trimmed bone that resembles a rack of lamb.

Although it’s at the top of the premier cut list, a Wagyu tomahawk is actually quite easy to cook at home. Grilling for a few minutes on each side and finishing it off in the oven on low heat is the easiest cooking method. However you cook it, you’ll want this beautiful cut of Wagyu to shine on its own. No fancy seasoning or marinades necessary—just some simple sides and garnishes and you have a stunning meal.

  • Sold by the pound ($130/lb)
  • Premier cut
  • Bone-in cut
  • Bold beef flavor
  • Perfect for grilling
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