New York Strip Steak (Full Blood Wagyu)

Wagyu New York Strip steak comes from the short loin subprimal, which is also part of the loin primal. The New York Strip steak is one of the most popular cuts sold in restaurants and steakhouses for its hearty appearance and bold beef flavor. In fact, this cut’s huge popularity in New York City steakhouses is what gave it its name.

Although New York Strip steaks aren’t known for their tenderness in general, a Browsey Acres Wagyu New York Strip stands out from the rest in terms of texture. Still, they have quite a bit more bite than your average steak. This makes them the perfect Wagyu steak to throw on the grill for a quick but impressive meal. The incredible marbling on a Wagyu New York Strip gives it its distinct flavor and chew, and will make every steak dinner memorable.

  • Sold by the pound ($110/lb)
  • Intense, beefy flavor
  • Perfect for grilling
  • Best when cooked to medium-rare or medium
  • Dense bite

New York Strip Steak (Full Blood Wagyu) is available in:

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