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Ground Beef Wagyu Box


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Once you’ve tried Browsey Acres American Wagyu (50% Wagyu / 50% Black Angus genetics) ground beef, you won’t want to go back to store-bought ground chuck. Wagyu ground beef has a rich, buttery texture that you have to taste to believe. But just like commercial ground beef, you can use Wagyu ground beef in all your favorite ways.

The most popular way to utilize your ground beef is with delicious Wagyu hamburgers, which leave other burgers at the gate. Wagyu beef has a higher fat content, so every burger comes out unbelievably juicy and flavorful every time. Remember to cook your Wagyu burgers to medium-rare to preserve all the tenderness and flavor. When cooking your Wagyu ground beef, consider saving the fat for future use. The rich, nutrient-filled Browsey Acres Wagyu fat shouldn’t go to waste!

  • Buttery texture
  • Makes amazing burgers
  • Versatile