Chicken Breast

Big flavor from a chicken breast? You better believe it—when the chicken is raised right, that is. This particular chicken grew up running around on a pasture with unlimited grass and bugs, and plenty of space to roam. Why? Because we loved this chicken as much as we love all the chickens that we raise at Browsey Acres. Also because it makes for some incredibly delicious meat. 

They may be lean and clean, but these boneless, skinless chicken breasts are bringing maximum flavor and juiciness to the party. We like ours grilled, but what could be more versatile than chicken breast? Season simply and see how delicious this everyday protein can actually be, whether served sliced atop a bed of greens or as the star of the meal. 

  • Pasture-raised
  • Soy and corn-free
  • Lean and juicy
  • Best for grilling, roasting