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Browsey Acres is a proud American family-owned farm that delivers the highest quality Wagyu and Poultry!

Highest Quality meats direct from the source

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Responsibly Raised Wagyu and Pasture Raised Poultry

Delicious meats for any occasion

You deserve to know where your Meat comes from

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Family-Farm to Table – How It Works

Taking emotional responsibility for where your food comes from is a life changing decision and at Browsey Acres we are proud to be your trusted source for top quality Wagyu & Poultry. 

At Browsey Acres, we want to make top quality and ethically raised wagyu & poultry, convenient, cost-effective, delicious. Simply pick a box, and have it delivered to your door.

Herd of cattle standing in a green field under a cloudy sky.

Step 1

We raise our animals humanly to maximize regenerative ranching
Assorted raw Wagyu beef cuts on a wood-patterned surface with a knife and cutting board.

Step 2

Our butcher crafts expert cuts for a top quality experience

Cardboard box labeled 'Fullblood Wagyu YAKITORI GRILLER BOX' from 'BROWSEY ACRES' on a wooden floor.

Step 3

You select your box and and have it delivered directly to your door

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Start with one of our favorites or browse all of our boxes. All of our boxes are available on subscription and offer free shipping – while supplies last. 


Ground Beef Box

Great For An Easy Grill Day

Ground Wagyu Box

The perfect go-to box

10lbs of Ground Wagyu

Curated Recipes


Includes Free Shipping

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Know Where Your Meat Comes From


Best of Browsey

Best For Premium Cuts

Best of Browsey Box

Approximately 15lbs+ of American Wagyu Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

Includes steaks & premium cuts

Exclusive partner gear and early access to Browsey drops

Curated Recipes


Includes Free Shipping

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Know Where Your Meat Comes From


Perfect Meal Box

Perfect For Meal Prep

Meal Prep Box

Approximately 15lbs+ of American Wagyu Beef and Pasture Raised Chicken

10 x 1lb packs of ground wagyu beef 

5 x 1lb packs of pasture raised chicken breast


Includes Free Shipping

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Know Where Your Meat Comes From

Our Promise: As Parents, Fighters, and Farmers We Understand...

Welcome to Browsey Acres! We're Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne, and we're delighted to share our farm, lifestyle, and products with you. Born out of our respect for nature, Browsey Acres thrives on a simpler, self-sufficient way of life.

As parents, fighters, and farmers we understand the importance of knowing what we're putting into our bodies (and our kids') which is why we're building Browsey Acres. Our mission isn't just to provide incredible meat & poultry, but to give you a trusted source regenerative farming, from farm-to-table.

We raise Wagyu cattle under the sky, reflecting our passion for high-quality, farm-to-table Wagyu beef. Practices at our farm are ethically and sustainably devised, cherishing both our livestock and the environment. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope you'll enjoy our products and join our story of commitment to hard work and sustainable farming.

With Love,

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All of our boxes are expertly crafted and only available while supplies last – order before they run out.

Ground Wagyu Box
Best of Browsey Box
Meal Prep Box

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What Our Customers Say

OMG! Tried a Ground box from Browsey Acres for the first time - it's amazing!! Fresher than fresh! Customer service was top notch as well, really friendly and quick.


Verified Customer

So, got my first Browsey Acres box - gotta say I didn't expect this. Everything tastes fresh and amazing, packaging shows they care! Definitely took my cooking up a few notches. You need to try this for yourself, really!


Verified Customer

Browsey Acres? 5 stars from me! Box came with the freshest stuff, really added a kick to my meals. Love the attention Browsey Acres pays to quality and the customer service can't be beat. Must buy!!


Verified Customer

Why Browsey Acres

Leveraging the power of regenerative farming, Browsey Acres showcases the remarkable benefits of this sustainable practice – delivering the highest quality meats while giving the power to you, our customer.

Raw, netted Wagyu beef roast on a wooden cutting board with spices and herbs nearby.
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Peace of Mind

Browsey Acres give you the peace of mind knowing the entire process of where and how your meat was raised, unlike other options.

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Why Our Process is Special