Pastured Picks Box (Wagyu + Chicken)


“Tastes like chicken” usually means that whatever you’re eating doesn’t taste like much of anything. At Browsey Acres, it means flavorful, juicy meat that puts the prepackaged stuff on the grocery store shelves to shame. See for yourself with the Pasture Picks Box, featuring some of our favorite cuts of chicken—like versatile thighs, yummy drums, and meaty wings—as well as Wagyu beef selections your whole family will love. 

Approximately 15+ Pounds of American Wagyu Beef and Chicken.

  • 2 x Ribeye Steaks
  • 2lbs Chicken Thighs 
  • 2lbs Chicken Drumsticks
  • 1lbs Chicken Wings 
  • 3lbs Ground Wagyu 
  • 1 x Roast -or- Osso Bucco -or- Whole Chicken

 Actual per-cut weights may vary with each box, but always in the customer's favour!

*Browsey Acres will contact you via phone call / email to confirm your choice cut.

**The Premium Variety Box is currently limited to 10 subscribers.

For now, we are only shipping to all 50 U.S. states.