Teres Major (Full Blood Wagyu)

Teres Major is also known as the shoulder tender, mock tender, or petite tender. About the size of a pork tenderloin, Wagyu Teres Major comes from the chuck or shoulder section. After the tenderloin, this Wagyu cut is considered the most tender cut of beef, similar to a filet mignon. It’s relatively unknown, because the butcher needs a high level of skill to extract this muscle from the rest of the shoulder.

Teres Major is a versatile Wagyu cut. Due to its size, it’s easy to grill, roast, or pan roast just as you would a tenderloin. Try it with a slow sear to cook the meat, then switch to a fast sear to get that yummy crust. Season it as you like, but it’s delicious with just a bit of salt.

  • Sold by the pound ($26/lb)
  • Tender
  • Grill, roast, or pan roast
  • Expertly cut
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