Round Roast

Not to be confused with the top round (aka London Broil) or Eye of Round roast, a Wagyu round roast stands out from the pack. Like the others, a round roast comes from the rump primal of the animal. This area gets plenty of use, so it produces a lean roast. Because of its intense beefy flavor, this section is also commonly used for ground beef and works wonderfully in stews and chili.

Although there’s not much fat, a Wagyu round roast cooks up beautifully when roasted low and slow. With a melt-in-your-mouth texture when cooked properly, it’s also a great choice for the smoker. However you cook your round roast, be sure to serve it with a savory sauce or reduction. Since the meat itself is lean, when sliced thin it pairs spectacularly with rich gravy and toppings like fresh salsa or chutneys. Use a Wagyu round roast for roast beef, pot roast, or even a substitute for a top round roast. It’ll be the talk of the table.

  • Sold by the pound ($18/lb)
  • Lean
  • Intense beefy flavor
  • Best texture when cooked low and slow
  • Pairs well with gravy and sauce
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