Oxtail (American Wagyu)

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Oxtail is an unfairly overlooked cut of beef. Named because it traditionally came from an ox, modern oxtail comes from cattle such as our Browsey Acres American Wagyu herd. Once considered a modest meat, it’s now revered as haute cuisine.

An average oxtail weighs between two to four pounds. The tail is skinned and cut into sections, each of which has a section of tailbone with marrow in the middle, and a chunk of meat around the outside. Wagyu oxtail is a fatty meat, which makes it ideal for braises, soups, and stock. Oxtail has been compared to short ribs but is actually more tender and has a silky texture.

Cook your oxtail slow, so the connective tissues and fat have time to dissolve. After a couple of hours, the meat will slide right off the bone and into your mouth!

  • American Wagyu (50% Japanese / 50% Black Angus genetics)
  • Sold by the pound ($30/lb)
  • Good for soup, stock, and braising
  • Tender texture and flavor
  • Cooks slow