Sirloin Steak (Full Blood Wagyu)

Sirloin is perhaps the most versatile steak cut, and our Browsey Acres Wagyu sirloin is certainly no exception. A Wagyu sirloin steak is cut directly from the sirloin, in the same area where the T-bone and porterhouse steaks are cut. The sirloin is divided into several different cuts, but most sirloin steaks are actually top sirloin cuts.

Our Wagyu sirloin steak is lean, juicy, and full of intense beef flavor. While commercial top sirloin steak has very little fat, Wagyu sirloin is full of rich marbled goodness. This steak is best cooked quickly on high heat; however, you can also marinate your Wagyu sirloin steak or serve it drizzled with rich sauces. When sliced thin, a Wagyu sirloin steak’s tenderness rivals any filet mignon you’ll find at a fancy restaurant.

  • Sold by the pound ($40/lb)
  • Best for broiling, sauteing, or grilling
  • Cook to medium-rare or medium for best taste and texture
  • Lean cut
  • Rich, intense flavor
  • Slice thin for tenderness

Sirloin Steak (Full Blood Wagyu) is available in:

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