London Broil

London Broil is a term that typically describes preparation rather than a specific cut. Our Wagyu London Broil is actually a top round roast. This cut comes from the upper thigh portion of the hindquarters of the steer. Since this muscle isn’t heavily used, the London Broil roast is more tender than other cuts from the hindquarter. For that reason, top round roasts work perfectly in the classic London Broil dish, where a Wagyu roast is cooked directly under an oven broiler.

To complete the perfect roast beef meal, slice your London Broil thin and serve with hearty sides like mashed potatoes or roasted root vegetables. Since a Wagyu roast will be considerably more tender than the commercial variety found at a grocery store, the preparation method options are endless. Whether you’re serving your Wagyu London Broil for a holiday meal or a Sunday dinner, it’s sure to wow any crowd.

  • Sold by the pound ($30/lb)
  • Tender roast
  • Works in oven, slow cooker, or smoker
  • Best cooked to medium or medium-rare
  • Served sliced thin with gravy or au jus
  • Also known as top round roast

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