Filet Mignon (American Wagyu)


The filet mignon is probably the most well-known of all steak cuts. Meaning "tender" in French, the filet mignon cut is extremely tender in texture and mild in flavor, which makes it the top choice for occasional meat-eaters and hardcore carnivores alike.

A Wagyu filet mignon is one of the most elegant cuts of meat you’ll ever cook. However, preparation is not as difficult as you might think. The texture holds up best when cooked to medium-rare, so a super hot sear on a cast iron pan or grill makes a great method to try.

  • American Wagyu (50% Wagyu / 50% Black Angus genetics)
  • Extremely tender and easy bite
  • Mild flavor
  • Elegant presentation, perfect for holiday meals
  • Best cooked to rare or medium-rare