Cross Rib Roast

The cross rib roast, also known as the beef shoulder roast, is a boneless cut from just below the blade of the chuck and above the brisket. A Wagyu cross rib roast is lean but incredibly flavorful. With a similar texture as a chuck roast, this savory Wagyu roast is perfect for pot roast or roast beef dishes. Since this muscle of the animal gets a lot of use, there is a lot of connective tissue present. But when cooked properly, Wagyu roast connective tissue along with the marbled fat add more melt-in-your-mouth texture to each bite.

Like similar cuts, a Wagyu cross rib roast works best when cooked low and slow. You can even marinate this roast, or cook with savory gravy or sauces. It’s a prime choice for stew and can be paired wonderfully with casseroles or holiday sides. We recommend cooking this Wagyu roast to medium and serving sliced thin. It’s perfect for fall-themed meals or holiday gatherings.

  • Sold by the pound ($22/lb)
  • Boneless Wagyu roast
  • Lean
  • Intense beef flavor
  • Shreddable
  • Best cooked low and slow
  • Cook to medium
  • Slice thin or cut in chunks
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